Priority F: Support public health and public safety for our community


To address the need for enhanced public health and public safety for the community, Valley Water is proposing a new potential priority that could pull together multi-benefit projects from other Safe, Clean Water Program priorities and group them based on their common benefit of supporting public health and public safety along our waterways and infrastructure.



Potential projects under Priority F could support public health and safety by:

  • Removing trash, debris and graffiti from our creeks, and by repairing and installing fencing to prevent illegal dumping of waste in the waterways;
  • Coordinating with cities to reduce trash and other pollutants from entering waterways from encampments;
  • Partnering with police and park rangers along waterways;
  • Providing grants and/or partnerships toward clearing potential flood-inducing blockages along waterways throughout Santa Clara County;
  • Removing sediment, managing vegetation and maintaining completed flood protection projects;
  • Increasing or maintaining capacity of vital creeks and waterways;
  • Carrying out flood risk reduction and developing engineering studies including updating the mapping of flood-prone areas;
  • Creating site-specific Emergency Action Plans for creeks, where flood risks are greatest;
  • Improving emergency response coordination and communication between first-responders, local agencies, residents and businesses and using web, texting and other technology to keep residents updated; and
  • Implement an automated flood warning system employing real-time data to predict potential flood risk and promote community awareness.
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